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Program IME Becas / Friendly House 

In Arizona, there are limited higher education options available for Mexicans or young people of Mexican origin. 45% of students in elementary and high school are of Hispanic or Latino origin. However, only 17% of Latino youth complete university or higher education studies, most of whom are of Mexican origin.


To increase educational opportunities for them, in December 2019, the Consulate General of Mexico in Phoenix and Friendly House created the IME Becas / Friendly House Program, which selects Mexicans or young people of Mexican origin to access a scholarship of up to $ 2,000.00 USD to start or continue their studies at an Arizona university or community college.


We support young Mexicans who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership in their communities, and financial need to continue their studies. If you are eligible, stay tuned for our updates, as our next call will be announced during the summer of 2021.


For each edition of the program, the Government of Mexico will contribute an initial amount to the scholarship fund. However, these funds can grow with the generosity of our community. We invite you to help brighten the future of Mexicans and young people of Mexican origin in Arizona. 


"This is the first step given during extraordinary circumstances. The idea is to use the funds as a seed to benefit many more students. […] I reiterate the commitment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, as well as the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME) and of this Consulate General to keep working in this scheme and support more students.” -Jorge Mendoza Yescas, Consul General of Mexico in Phoenix.


“The pandemic has stopped a lot of things. This was not one of those things […] we are planting the seed and moving forward.” -Jerry Mendoza, Friendly House President and CEO, about the IME Becas / Friendly House Scholarships Program.


“I will keep fighting to open opportunities so that students can keep studying” -Ángel Palazuelos, IME Becas / Friendly House scholarship holder.

Send IME to 

(602) 833 0809


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