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Parent Education and Drug Prevention Program

Parent Education and Drug Prevention Program Overview


Funded by the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family: AZ Parents Commission on Drug Education & Prevention


The Parent Education & Drug Prevention program strengthens family bonds and improves family management, interaction and communication, while providing parents with the skills to talk with their children about alcohol and drug use. 


This FREE program uses evidence-based curriculums listed below to give parents the proven tools, strategies, and resources to prevent underage drinking and drug use.   All participants complete a customer satisfaction survey and receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.  Friendly House’s Parent Education Trainers are fully bilingual and nationally certified to teach. 


We also host about 3-5 annual community resource fairs for the community where we partner with other agencies to provide more prevention information and services to better serve families in Maricopa County.    


If you would like to register for the class, or have workshops delivered at your school, faith-based organization or community center in Phoenix, please contact the Parent Education team at 602-416-7225 OR email us at . 





Parent Education Staff

Sandra Valdez 

Family Services Manager


Maria Acosta

Parent Education and Prevention Specialist


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Sandra S.

Thank you very much for all the teachings. I can practice new things with my children. Knowing is a good thing because I have more information and the motivation to practice it even more. Thank you!!

Guadalupe V. 

Thank you very much for all the help. I wish I had done this sooner but I know that it is never too late to learn and that everything can be accomplished through communication and support. Thank you! 

Margarita Z.

I think that these workshops are very important because it helps us guide our children, we can be better parents and in the end it helps have a better society.

Melissa J.

Realistic and logical techniques.

Berta F.

Information on drugs, alcohol, making good decisions with responsibilities and avoid danger. I enjoyed the information about controlling our anger, the skills and how to help with finances.

Special Thanks to
QuikTrip &

We appreciate your generous support of the Parent Education and Drug Prevention program. 
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