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Free HSE Classes

About Our Free HSE (High School Equivalency) Classes

For an introduction to the Friendly House HSE program, please click here. The HSE Program prepares students to pass the HSE examinations to earn their High School Equivalency Diploma and/or improve their reading, writing, and mathematical skills. Our Program offers integrated instruction in the five areas covered on the HSE test: Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA), Science, Social Studies, Civics, and Mathematical Reasoning. Students will be required to take a pre-assessment test prior to class.


Classes are provided at no cost to students (age 16 or older) with valid ID.  Students may enroll at any time throughout the year and have the option of attending live classes with an instructor at scheduled times, or studying independently on our study platform Essential Education.  The time to complete the program depends on the student's commitment to attending class and studying-- The more you study, the faster you can progress! 


Requirements: Age 16+; Must be legally present in the U.S. and current resident in the state of Arizona

HSE (GED) Preparation Class Schedule

Friday instruction available by appointment.


Free HSE Prep Classes:



Ariana Garrido

Friendly house is an amazing school if you’re trying to get your GED . The staff members are awesome and answer all the questions you need . They definitely believe you can do it and help you with your schedule. I’m a mom of two and you know how busy it gets . The classes online are amazing and so much easier now . I honestly recommend you here if you wanna get your GED or take classes in person or online classes .

Venkata Naishadham

Friendly house is huge supportive for adults who want to learn, they guided me to achieve ged. I really appreciate. Thank You

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