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Since 1920, Friendly House has offered classes in English literacy to serve foreign-born members of the community from all race and ethnic backgrounds. These services continue today under the Adult Education Program which has expanded and evolved into one of Arizona's most successful programs.

The Adult Education Program gives access to quality educational opportunities to support employment, job training and higher education aspirations. By assisting adult learners to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for effective participation in society, Friendly House creates an exceptional future for Arizona, where citizens transform their lives and realize their full potential.


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Program Services
IBEST Program

IBEST students just back from getting their scrubs, ready for their first day in the phlebotomy program at Phoenix College.

Meet our Staff
Maria Acosta

Student Services Specialist

(602) 416-7219

Cathy Turley, M.A.Ed

Adult Education Department Manager

(602) 416-7204

Jeff Adam 

Lead Instructor, ELT Registration Coordinator

(602) 416-7243

Jose Vaquera

Vice-President of Client Services

(602) 415-7208

Yumi Goswick

ELT and ELAA Programs Manager

(602) 416-7256

Josefina Mota, B.A.

Career Advisor

(602) 416-7203

Brandon Pollard, M.A./Ed.S

IET Coordinator

(602) 416-7200

Minja Maksimovic, B.S.

Lead Instructor, GED

(602) 416-7241

Trish Udell, M.S.Ed. ESL

ELAA / ELT Instructor

(602) 257-1870

Evelyn Saenz

Lead Instructor, Citizenship

(602) 416-7210