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Since 1920, Friendly House has offered classes for English literacy to serve foreign-born members of the community from all race and ethnic backgrounds. These services continue today under the Adult Education Program. which has expanded and evolved into one of Arizona's most successful programs

The Adult Education program gives access to quality educational opportunities to support employment, job training and higher education aspirations. By assisting adult learners to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for effective participation in society, Friendly House creates an exceptional future for Arizona, where citizens transform their lives and realize their full potential.

Veronica's Story

Veronica was excited to enroll in the Friendly House I-BEST program. She recently completed her GED, and she's now a qualified medical assistant!


Veronica was very determined when she set her goal of going back to school but after failing her math test (by one point!) she was in despair. She says it felt physically painful and she was mentally and emotionally drained. But she made an appointment to take the test again - and on the day she got there, she sat in her car crying. She put the key into the ignition to just leave and go home, disappointed in herself for giving up. And then her phone beeped, and when she looked it was a text from her instructor telling her she could do it. And she did! She got out of the car, walked into the testing center, and received her highest score among the 4 GED subjects.


Of going back to school, Veronica says "it's hard, it's difficult; but it's not impossible". We are excited for the change this has made to her family (who are so proud of their mom as she prepares to enter the workforce in a career) and wish Veronica every success in the future. What a wonderful example of what determination and hard work can do!


Program Services
Meet our Staff

Maricela Reed, BA

Adult Education and FFS Supervisor 

(602) 416-7226

Josefina Mota, BA

Career Advisor

(602) 416-7203

Evelyn Saenz

Data Coordinator

(602) 416-7210

Yumi Goswick

English Language Acquisition Supervisor


Eliana Herrera

Data Entry / Customer Service


Cathy Turley, MA Ed

GED Program Supervisor


Sara Haghighi, MSED/TESOL

English Language Training Supervisor


Omar Ortiz

Administrative Assistant


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