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Arizona Adult Education
Participant Registrations

GED/ELAA Enrollment Documents

Complete/ Enrollment Documents 
Please, fill out and sign the documents below to continue with the enrollment process. 
​1. Complete Adult Education Registration Form 
This is the registration form to capture the information and demographics of the applicant. Please complete all highlighted spaces that apply to you and sign where indicated.
2. Schedule test assessment (We will reach out via email within 48 hours after final submission.) 
Have trouble filling out the enrollment? Email for help or call us during office hours at 602-926-1820.

Please complete both the Adobe form (AZ Adult Education Participant Registration) below
and the "Complete Enrollment" form.
To start, please click the blue "Continue" button (at the bottom) to accept Adobe's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Adobe Form

Complete Enrollment

After filling the form above, you should have received a confirmation email. Once you validate your email, the enrollment form has been submitted. Please complete your enrollment by filling out the basic information below. 

Would you like to take the placement assessment online or in-person?

Confidentiality Agreement 

Friendly House Inc. maintains information that is sensitive and valuable and is often protected by federal and state laws that prohibit its unauthorized use or disclosure.

Friendly House agrees that confidential information received from its students shall be treated as private, and safeguarded with all reasonable means. Friendly House Inc. will not make public or intentionally disclose its students’ confidential information to any third party without first receiving authorization. In the event that confidential information is lost or stolen, Friendly House Inc. agrees to promptly notify affected students.

Enrollment Completion
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