Workforce Development


Friendly House’s Workforce Development Program empowers individuals and families in the community to become self-sufficient through education, job placement, and occupational training. The overall objectives of the Workforce Development Department include:

  • To provide a seamless workforce development system that meets the individual needs of each eligible individual enrolled in the program.

  • To meet the workforce needs of high demand/targeted industries in the greater Phoenix area as well as other businesses in need of qualified and skilled employees.

For more than 10 years, Friendly House has been awarded Workforce Development contracts valued over $15 million. Friendly House has trained and placed thousands of individuals in high demand occupations. These individuals have earned over $60 million in taxable income that has been reinvested into the local economy.

Satish's Story

While applying for a senior level position, Mr. Aravelli was made aware that he lacked the necessary credentials to secure the position he was applying for. His background indicated that he would be an excellent candidate for the position, but he did lack a crucial credential. Mr. Aravelli was encouraged and motivated to obtain the credentials necessary so he can be a stronger applicant for the Sr. Program Manager position he was applying for at a highly sought after web-based distribution agency. 

After successfully completing his training program and receiving his credentials, Mr. Aravelli was offered and accepted a job as a Sr Software Engineer II with a nationally recognized company.  This company is a prominent technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government, and cybersecurity solutions.  Mr. Aravelli was understandably humbled and excited to accept the position with the company upon completion of the very extensive and thorough background check. Mr. Aravelli has expressed that he is very thankful for the agency’s ability to serve members of the community and individuals like him. 

Workforce Staff

RISE UP Reentry 

Yesenia Diaz 

Lead Case Manager

(602) 416-7212

Kevin Partida

Case Manager

(602) 416-7237

Johana Arellanes 

Case Manager

(602) 416-7236

Monserrat Miranda

Case Manager

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Programs & Services

“RISE UP” Reentry for Young Adults

The RISE UP program is focused on providing opportunities for young adults 18-24 years old who have had contact, or are currently involved, with the criminal justice system. Participants will be assisted and connected with a variety of resources by their personal case manager to ensure participant life success. Individuals involved in the program will be provided with financial literacy, restoration of rights, soft skill, social skill workshops, and other necessary guidance. All participants will also have the option of participating in transitional employment in which they will be working with partner employers to learn about possible career opportunities, during this transition period participants will be prepared to either enter the workforce or obtain training to become better employment candidates.

Pathways to Justice Careers

This is a program focused on serving opportunity youth and exposing them to careers in emergency service, criminal justice, and legal services. Students will be provided with case management, tutoring, mentoring, summer work experiences, and different forms of career exploration in order to ensure they become exposed to the many areas of public service careers. Partnerships with community organizations and local public service departments will ensure the success of these students as they continue their interest into public sector employment.

Electrical Training Program

Through funding provided by JP Morgan Chase and Thunderbird Charities our Electrical Training Program will provide Opportunity Youth 18 to 24 years old with Core Construction and Electrical training. As a National Center for Construction Education and Research approved training sight Friendly House seeks to provide individuals with the opportunity to further their employment skills and become high skilled workers in the construction/electrical field. After completing training participants can decide to either join the workforce or continue their education by applying to a State of Arizona approved electrical apprenticeship program. Participants are also provided with case management, supportive services, and career guidance in order to ensure success and that the participant is choosing what is best for them.

APS Lineworker Inaugural Scholarship

Friendly House will be providing support to scholarship recipients throughout their program by providing case management services to ensure that they are successful throughout the school year and that they are prepared to be the best possible candidates for a Lineworker Career. Friendly House will be guiding the students through any academic processes, coordinating for all to obtain their CDL, having all the students CPR certified, and providing any necessary supportive services while they are in the program that will assist us with promoting success.