Teen Pregnancy

Prevention (TPP)


The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPP) is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services and addresses the growing need for awareness and education on teen pregnancy. In a unique way, TPP works with both parents and teens to ensure teens have the best support system to make healthy choices. The two programs offered are Teen Outreach Program and Active Parenting of Teens.

Active Parenting of Teens


Active Parenting teaches parents a comprehensive model of parenting that will better enable their teens to survive and thrive in a modern democratic society. Parents will learn mutual respect among family members, nonviolent discipline, problem solving, communication skills training, family enrichment, and encouragement. Sessions are conducted in 2-hour classes per week. Classes are available at different sites and at Friendly House. Classes are free of charge to parents of teens ages 11-19.

Teen Outreach Program

TOP is a nine-month group-based youth development program. All youth in the program build a foundation of success from three essential goals; healthy behaviors, life skills and sense of purpose. A crucial part of TOP is the development of supportive relationships with adult facilitators as well as relationships with other peers in the program. The program includes a minimum of 25 curriculum sessions and 20 hours of community service learning. TOP is conducted in a club setting in school or after school. The program is open to youth ages 11-19.

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