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Friendly House joins Valley of the Sun United Way to work for Mighty Change! @myvsuw

Friendly House has joined Valley of the Sun United Way and a coalition of other nonprofit organizations as a partner in MC2026, United Way’s new five-year plan to create mighty change in Maricopa County.

Together, Friendly House, United Way and other MC2026 partners will implement vital strategies to tackle bold goals which focus on creating solutions for the community’s most pressing needs.

Specifically, Friendly House, with the support of United Way will work to:

  • Impact more than 400 children by providing our charter school, Academia del Pueblo(AdP) and Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) with the tools needed to achieve academic and life success,

  • Increase approximately 400 students’ access to health care and impact healthy behaviors,

  • Provide emergency assistance for families experiencing hardships with the goals of achieving self-sufficiency and community stabilization.

Thank you Valley of the Sun United Way!


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