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Writing a book: how to "kill" a hero

"Killing" the heroes or characters with whom the author has walked a path full of adventures, through whose eyes for a long time looked at the new world, and just picked up the pieces, for many is a problem. What to say! Sometimes it's a pity just to tears to part - to put the last point in the final chapter or in the epilogue and say goodbye. And to "kill" ... But sometimes the image, the idea or the logic of the plot demands it. And it is very important to "kill" the "hero" correctly. To avoid the indignant exclamations of readers, can i pay someone to write my paper to part quietly and not to regret what has been done.

The author of this article in his time had to suffer a lot, "killing" then the main character, then the whole family, and that's how this experience has led to conclusions.

The correct death of a hero in a book

The hero's death must be:

Reasonable and logical.

In other words, college papers for money it should have a plot purpose and not be death for death's sake or a way to end a life's journey. The most common example: The hero is the chosen one, and only his blood on the magic altar will save the world. And death is justified in advance - without it the world would die, and there is logic - there is no way for the hero to survive after the sacrifice.


Not to be confused with the unexpected. Unexpectedness is the episode, the place in the story you choose to "end," but predictability is understanding where things are headed. A brick, as you know, doesn't fall on anyone's head out of the blue. And the sudden death of a man full of life, strength, goals and plot objectives, especially from a trivial cold, looks as if the author is simply fed up with this particular character and gets rid of him - "merged", to put it in readers' slang.

The hero's death programming homework help can evoke different feelings - pity, regret, resentment of "fate", frustration, but not disappointment and bewilderment. At least trivial omens in the form of fortune-tellers' predictions, ominous dreams or sensations are useful. And the reader should see in the text the possibility of a sad outcome. When is up to you to decide, but that probability should also be...

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