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Free CNA Program

About Our Free CNA Program

ATTENTION: The CNA program is currently on hold. 

Please check back soon regarding future enrollment.


Our CNA Program is Free to Friendly House students*

A CNA or certified nursing assistant is an important position in any hospital setting. CNAs have many responsibilities that make them an integral part of the patient process in healthcare. While being a CNA is often considered an entry-level position, it is a great
steppingstone to other health care positions.  Being a CNA can help prepare you for nursing or healthcare management work in many ways and is a fantastic place to start your career. 

CNA requirements will vary depending on where you live, but overall the general process is the same. Learn about CNA duties, how you can become one, and how you can use your nursing assistant experience to propel you into other health care professions. 

What does a CNA do?
There are many duties for nursing assistants. A certified nursing assistant helps patients with direct health care needs, often under the supervision of a nurse. Certified nursing assistants may also be called a nursing assistant, a nurse’s aid, or a patient care assistant. CNAs work directly with patients and nurses, helping with the many physical and complex tasks for patient care. 

Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Turning or moving patients

  • Gathering medical supplies

  • Bathing patients

  • Grooming patients by brushing their hair, teeth, shaving them, etc.

  • Feeding patients and documenting their food and liquid intake

  • Checking vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate

  • Answering patient calls

  • Documenting information

  • Cleaning rooms and bed linens

  • Stocking supplies

  • Assisting with some medical procedures

  • Safety procedures

  • Transporting patients

  • Taking care of wounds

Different hospitals and facilities will have unique requirements and responsibilities for their CNAs. But in essence, certified nursing assistants help perform critical tasks that ensure patients are well-cared for and safe during their hospital stay. Checking vital
signs, keeping patients clean, and other duties like this are extremely important for patient care and satisfaction.

Interested? Call (480) 236-4437 or email:  Below you will find program information:

Partial funding for the program provided by Thunderbirds Charities and Valley of the Sun United Way


*Students must be enrolled in GED or English Language classes. To enroll, click the button below:

Enroll in Free HSE Classes or English Language 
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