ELAA & GED Programs Enrollment

Enrollment Steps
  1. Complete
    Enrollment Form
  2. Watch the Orientation Video

  3. Sign Enrollment Documents

  4. Initial Test Appointment

Pasos de Inscripcion
  1. Complete la Forma de Inscripción
  2. Ver Video de Orientación
  3. Firmar Documentos de  Inscripción
  4. Cita para Examen Inicial
Friendly House offers English-language and GED preparation classes at no cost to students.
The first step to enrollment is filling out the form below.
Classes are offered at no cost with a valid Arizona State identification card or driver’s license.
Admission to the program is dependent on ID verification.
Send enrollment questions to enroll@friendlyhouse.org
Friendly House ofrece clases de Inglés como segundo idioma y clases de preparación para GED libres de costo.
Este es el primer paso para inscribirse, a continuación, encontrarás la forma de contacto con la información que necesitamos para iniciar el proceso.
Las clases son gratis, pero deberás presentar una identificación oficial del Estado de Arizona o la licencia de manejo.
La admisión para este programa depende de la verificación de la ID.
Envía tus preguntas acerca del proceso de inscripcion a: enroll@friendlyhouse.org

Enrollment Form

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Confidentiality Agreement 

Friendly House Inc. maintains information that is sensitive and valuable and is often protected by federal and state laws that prohibit its unauthorized use or disclosure.

Friendly House agrees that confidential information received from its students shall be treated as private, and safeguarded with all reasonable means. Friendly House Inc. will not make public or intentionally disclose its students’ confidential information to any third party without first receiving authorization. In the event that confidential information is lost or stolen, Friendly House Inc. agrees to promptly notify affected students.