ELAA & GED Programs Enrollment

Sign Enrollment Documents 

Please download, fill out and sign the next Documents to continue with the enrollment process. 
1. Eligibility Verification Form (Verification of Eligibility for Services)   Click to download
The following document is to establish eligibility of the applicant. This will be determined based on the documentation the applicant provides (i.e., AZ State ID or DL). Please complete the highlighted spaces and sign (type your name) where indicated.
2. Registration Sign-in Sheet  Click to download
This form is for you to complete indicating the date(s) and time(s) you invested in this registration process.
3. State Registration Form (Participant Registration)                   Click to download
This is the registration form to capture the information and demographics of the applicant. Please complete all highlighted spaces that apply to you and sign (type in your name) where indicated.
4. Enrollment Policies (English /Spanish) Click to download
Please read carefully the enrollment policies and sign (type your name), if you agree to abide by these policies, where indicated.
5. Acknowledgments Click to download
This form is for release of information to third parties, permission for pictures or film, FERPA notice, and acknowledgment of receiving an orientation (orientation video). Please sign (type your name) where indicated.


Enrollment Steps
  1. Complete enrollment form
  2. Watch the Orientation Video

  3. Sign Enrollment Documents

  4. Initial Test Appointment

Pasos de Inscripción
  1. Complete la forma de  Inscripción
  2. Ver Video de Orientación
  3. Firmar Documentos de Inscripción
  4. Cita para el examen Inicial

Send Enrollment Documents

1. Eligibility Verification Form
2. State Registration
3. Enrollment Policies  (English  /Spanish)
4. Acknowledgments
5. Signing Enrollment Sheet 


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Confidentiality Agreement 

Friendly House Inc. maintains information that is sensitive and valuable and is often protected by federal and state laws that prohibit its unauthorized use or disclosure.

Friendly House agrees that confidential information received from its students shall be treated as private, and safeguarded with all reasonable means. Friendly House Inc. will not make public or intentionally disclose its students’ confidential information to any third party without first receiving authorization. In the event that confidential information is lost or stolen, Friendly House Inc. agrees to promptly notify affected students.