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Thank you for submitting your enrollment! Let's take next step and schedule your assessment. Use the booking option below to choose an available time slot. 

Schedule Your Assessment

What to expect and next steps:

Take a placement test:

Before the test:

  • Schedule an appointment by e-mail, phone call or through the website with the enrollment department.

During the test: 

  • The placement test for GED or English will take at about 2 hours.

  • You can take the test in-person.

  • You can take the test on-line. The test will be proctored by a member of the department.

After the test:

  • The enrollment department will provide a welcome e-mail including a Welcome Orientation Assignment (12 hours duration).

  • Meet with your success coach to create your academic goals. Can be on-line or in-person.

  • After completing the orientation, and meet with your success coach, you will receive a welcome student e-mail with instructions on attending classes either in-person or on-line.


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