Transformed Lives

Youth Education Services

Maria Duran is currently an employee and student tutor in the Friendly House TRiO Program, but her experience with the TRiO Program started years ago when she was only a teenager. As a sophomore at Vicki A. Romero High School, she decided to enroll in the Friendly House TRiO Program in search of assistance with her college pursuit. Maria remained actively involved with all TRiO workshops, university campus visits, and even took advantage of college summer classes sponsored by the TRiO Program.

Maria graduated from high school with a head start in her college career thanks to the TRiO Program. She also became the first in her family to pursue a higher education upon receiving the Arizona State University Presidential Scholarship, along with the Friendly House Scholarship in 2010.

Maria continues to excel today. She participated in a 2012 summer internship program in Korea where she taught English classes. In the fall 2012, she will begin an internship at Friendly House’s Academia del Pueblo Elementary Charter School. Friendly House has been witness of Maria Duran’s tremendous growth over the years, and it is fortunate to have her back in the TRiO Program assisting students with their college education.