Donacion - One Time Gift

donateNowOrange[do-nah-the-on'] noun
1. Donation.
2. Donation, gift, grant.

Friendly House is grateful for each gift it receives, at any level. Every donation will help propel our work to provide a HAND UP to the more than 5,300 Phoenix families and individuals who annually receive youth and adult education and training, workforce development, immigration services and elderly home care. Every donor making a gift of $100 or more will receive a personal thank you from someone who has benefited from the support services and programs offered at Friendly House.

Amigos - Monthly Giving

donateNowOrangea•mi•go/əˈmēgō/ noun
1. Used to address or refer to a friend, chiefly in Spanish-speaking areas.

The Amigos (Friends) of Friendly House are sustaining monthly donors who understand that consistent, long-term support of our mission builds a sustainable and effective organization. An Amigo possesses the following traits: Loyalty, Charity, and Dependability.

Amigos who share these wonderful friendship traits are truly transformational in their charitable endeavor for our mission. We invite you to join us in Amistad (Friendship) and be a part of a charitable mission that has served and transformed thousands of lives for nearly a century.

PADRINOS - $1,000-$5,000

donateNowOrange[pah-thRee-naw; Eng. puh-dree-noh] noun, plural pa•dri•nos
1. a godfather
2. a person's protector, patron, or mentor

Just as a good Padrino or Godparent supplies spiritual support, encouragement and mentoring…and most importantly friendship, so can you make an immediate impact in the success of our transformational mission by becoming a sustaining patron of Friendly House.

With a minimal gift of $1000 annually, you become a special member of the Friendly House family and receive several exclusive benefits such as tickets for select-seating to our Tamale and Scholars dinners, as well as invitations to a private, VIP cocktail reception prior to both events, recognition in Friendly House’s Annual Report and more.

COMPADRE - $5,000 - $25,000

donateNowOrange[com-pah’-drary] noun
1.Godfather, the word by which the godfather and godmother address the father of their godson or daughter, and by which the father and mother address him. (m)
2. Protector, benefactor. (m)
3. Friend. (m)

In its truest form, a Compadre formalizes a pre-existing friendship which grows into a lifelong bond. For nearly 100 years, Friendly House has partnered with the local business community who has supported us in our mission of providing the tools and training to achieve a life of self- improvement and success through education, personal and spiritual development and job training. It is these institutional relationships with our Compadres that propels and sustains our transformational work.

FAMILIA - $25,000 AND UP

Familia FAMILY- Please Join the Friendly House Familia!

Traditionally, in the Latino culture, family is the most important social unit. The term familia usually goes beyond the nuclear family. The Latino "family unit" includes not only parents, children and extended family, but also non-blood relatives near and dear to their hearts. All familia are taught from a young age to have a moral responsibility to aid other members of the family experiencing financial problems, unemployment, poor health conditions, and other life issues.

Financial support at the Familia- level ($25k) provides the opportunity for a corporation or individual to be the exclusive sponsor of a Friendly House Program in 2012-2013.

Your generous program support will be serve to propel economic self-sufficiency, enhance program capacity building efforts and expand outreach and service delivery to community members and their families in the greatest need.

For more information about the Familia program, please call Patty Arreguin for Friendly House: 602-416-7209

Other Ways to Give

Planned Giving

Circle of Friends: Since ancient times, the circle has always symbolized infinity and eternity because like the love for family and friends, it is eternal and the curves never end. Ancient cultures used to gather around a new fire to celebrate peace and friendship among tribes. The legend tells that if you give a circle of friends to a person you care for, your bonds of friendship will endure forever.


Gifts of Stock: Gifts of appreciated stocks and bonds are an excellent and popular vehicle for donating$1,000 or more to Friendly House as there are many tax advantages to giving securities.


Memorials and Tributes

Honor a Life: You can memorialize the memory of a loved one OR celebrate a special life moment such as a wedding, birthday or other cherished occasion by making a gift to Friendly House.