About Us


We live and work in an organizational culture that breathes transparency, teamwork, accountability, excellence, and personal and professional courtesy.

Our three defining characteristics:

1. Durable - Friendly House’s legacy stretches further than any social services agency in Arizona. Founded in 1920, the organization’s durability has been tested and strengthened through the Great Depression, World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Great Recession. Friendly House stays relevant and vibrant by always responding to the community’s needs.

2. Familial - Family is, in one word, Friendly House’s core. The organization has served generations of families, and at often times helps children, parents, and grandparents in the same family, at the same time. Friendly House knows that helping even one person helps the entire family, both now and in the future.

3. Principled - Principled leadership guides every action at Friendly House. The organization leads from a firm foundation of integrity, transparency, and accountability. Friendly House never compromises its core values, takes no shortcuts to doing it the right way, and always makes the morally correct decision.